Welcome to the Saskatchewan Badminton Association (SBA) web site.

The SBA is a non-profit provincial sport-governing organization, dedicated to the development of badminton in Saskatchewan.

Through various programs including tournaments series, clinics and camps, support to training centres and more, the SBA supports athletes of all ages as well as coaches and officials.

Did You Know?

The flight of the shuttlecock, a missile of cork and goose feather has been recorded at speeds in excess 260 kilometres per hour. Speed, agility and lightning-fast reflexes are essential to the game. Add stamina too – players have been known to cover more than six kilometres in a single match.

Respect In Sport


SaskSport has recently introduced a program called Respect In Sport. ALL COACHES in Saskatchewan must complete the certification in Respect In Sport to remain in good standing with the SBA.

Respect In Sport is an online course that can be completed by registering at the following site and completing the online material:


All coaches must complete this course by Jan 15, 2014 to remain in good standing with the SBA.

Manitoba’s Olivia Meier Qualifies for the 2020 Paralympic Games

Congratulations to Olivia Meier from Manitoba for becoming the first ever Canadian badminton player to participate at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. For the first time in the history of the sport, Para-badminton will be included in the Paralympic Games. Good luck Olivia!

Read more about it at the Badminton Canada website: https://www.badminton.ca/news/140853/Olivia-Meier-Qualifies-for-the-2020-Paralympic-Games